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Fishing Lures or Spoons Lightning 1/4 oz Premium Colors

Made In The USA

Lightning Spoon Made in Berthoud, Colorado, U.S.A.!
The Pot-O-Gold Lightning Spoon with its humpback striker shape creates an
erratic motion simulating a wounded fish. This odd motion will drive game fish
wild by triggering their aggressive predatory nature. Using a paint system usually reserved
for custom hot rods and autos, our Premium colors are unmatched in depth and brilliance!
These Nickel plated steel spoons come hooked and ready to go fish.

Choose a Size: 1/4 oz. (1-5/8")

1/4 oz Lightning Spoons

Choose a Finish/Style: Nickel Plated/Premium Painted Colors

Nickel Plated/Premium Painted Colors
Not Rated

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Lightning Spoon
1/4 oz (1-5/8'')
#6 Bronze Treble Hook
Premium Fire Tiger
per One Pack

Choose a Color: Premium Fire Tiger

 Premium Fire Tiger 
 Premium Frog 
 Premium Green Minnow/Black Spots 
 Premium Green Minnow/Red Spots 
 Premium Perch 
 Premium Trout 
 Premium Watermelon 
 Premium Yellow/Red Diamonds 

Choose A Pack Size: One Pack ($3.59 ea)

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