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Steelhead Fishing Lures or Casting Spoons 1/4 oz Glow in the Dark Colors

Made In The USA

Pot-O-Gold Steelhead Spoon Made in Berthoud, Colorado, U.S.A.!
This extra heavy, extra thick spoon features a deep cup which produces an outstanding wobble.
Whether fishing in darker conditions, or at greater depths, our Glow in the Dark spoons will
bring the light to where the fish are!
These Nickel plated steel spoons come hooked and ready to go fish.

Choose a Size: 1/4 oz. (1-3/8")

1/4 oz Steelhead Spoon

Choose a Finish/Style: Nickel Plated/Glow Painted Colors

Nickel Plated/Glow Painted Colors
Not Rated

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Steelhead Spoon
1/4 oz (1-3/8'')
#4 Bronze Treble Hook
Glow White/Hot Pink
per One Pack

Choose a Color: Glow White/Hot Pink

 Glow White/Hot Pink 
 Glow White/Flourescent Red 
 Glow White/Flourescent Orange 
 Glow White/Chartreuse 
 Glow White/Florescent Green 
 Glow White/Blue 
 Glow White/Black 
 Glow White/Hot Pink Spots 
 Glow White/Flourescent Red Spots 
 Glow White/Flourescent Orange Spots 
 Glow White/Chartreuse Spots 
 Glow White/Florescent Green Spots 
 Glow White/Blue Spots 
 Glow White/Black Spots 

Choose A Pack Size: One Pack ($3.49 ea)

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