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A-Just-A Bubble 3/16 oz Fishing Float Bobber

A-Just-A Bubble Made in Berthoud, Colorado, U.S.A.!
Cast your favorite dry fly, wet fly, jig or live bait like a shot with extreme accuracy
using our A-Just-A Bubble. Fish as a stationary float, or use as a slip float to obtain
the desired depth. Just add the proper amount of water for optimal performance.

Made In The USA

Choose a Style: 3/16 oz (2-3/4" x 5/8")

1/8 oz. A-Just-A Bubbles
Not Rated

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A-Just-A Bubble
3/16 oz (2-3/4'' x 5/8'')
per One Pack

Choose a Color: Clear

 Transparent Red 
 Transparent Red and White 
 Transparent Green 
 Chartreuse and White 
 Hot Pink 
 Bright Orange 
 Glow in the Dark 

Choose A Pack Size: One Pack ($3.49 ea)

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