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Fishing Flashers or Lake Trolls Little Slim Willies

Made In The USA

Vance's Tackle Little Slim Willie Made in Berthoud, Colorado, U.S.A.!
This flasher is unique from others because the larger blade is at the rear, resembling a striking fish
feeding on smaller minnows. The design of the Little Slim Willie allows for maximum flash and minimum drag.
The rudder allows this troll to run approx. 6'-10' deep.

Size: 17" 3 Blades

Not Rated

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Little Slim Willie
(17'') 3 Blades
2'' Transparent Red
per One Pack

Choose a Color: Nickel

 Nickel with Chartreuse Fish Scale 
 Nickel with Blue Fish Scale 
 Nickel with Silver Fish Scale 
 Nickel with Green Fish Scale 
 Nickel with Red Fish Scale 
 Trout UV Pearl Back 
 Watermelon UV Pearl Back 

Pack Size: One Pack ($13.99 ea)

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