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Vance's Tackle Spiral Wrap Trolling Rods are high end custom designed rods that we are selling at production rod prices. Trolling rods need to meet a different criteria than rods for other techniques and we built our rods from the ground up to meet these specifications. The benefit of a graphite rod is lost when used in a trolling or downrigging application, this is why we use E-Glass materials. The highly parabolic nature and slower action of E-glass rods make a perfect fit for trolling techniques. Our rods act as a big shock absorber for hard striking and fast running fish. We then spiral wrap the guides, meaning the guide closest to the reel is on top of the rod and each subsequent guide rotates a small amount until the tip faces down. This process allows the action of a spinning rod at the tip but allows the use of a casting reel with its superior drag system eliminating line twist which is often associated with downrigger fishing. Lastly we use extra long handles designed for excellent one handed control while fighting fish.

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Spiral Wrap Rod 8 Foot

$99.99 ea

Not Rated

Spiral Wrap Rod 7 Foot

$99.99 ea

Not Rated

Spiral Wrap Rod 7 Foot 6 Inch

$99.99 ea

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