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Slip-EZE Foam Fishing Floats, Corks or Bobbers weighted and not weighted

Made In The USA

Slip-Eze Float Made in Berthoud, Colorado, U.S.A.!
Slip into the same eas of slip float fishing with Slip-Eze.
Slip-Eze slip floats are a unique and ingenious breakthrough in slip bobber design.
Sensitivity, stability, simplicity, and removable without line damage.
Available in a large variety of sizes there is a Slip-Eze slip float
for whatever type of fish is being angled.
All Slip-Eze include a Gizmo Bobberstop, bead, and simple instructions.

Choose a Style: Slip-Eze (Original)

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Slip-Eze Float
2'' (1'' x 3/4'' egg)
per Two Pack

Choose a Size: 2'' (1'' x 3/4'' egg)

Pack Size: Two Pack ($2.89 ea)

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