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Fishing Flashers or Lake Trolls Magnum/Rumble Fish Style 4 Blade

Made In The USA

Pot-O-Gold Trolls Made in Berthoud, Colorado, U.S.A.!
The Pot-O-Gold Trolls are a can't miss. Available in the most popular sizes and colors,
we've got you covered. Made with 302 stainless steel wire rope, these trolls are ready for battle.
In addition, Pot-O-Gold Trolls feature an easy spin clevis, making even our largest troll easy to pull.

Choose a Style: Magnum/Rumble Fish

Magnum/Rumble Fish
Not Rated

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Lake Troll
4 Blades (24'') With Rudder
2-5/8" Transparent Red
Plain Nickel
per One Pack

Choose a Size: Four Blade Magnum/Rumble Fish (24")

Four Blade Magnum/Rumble Fish (24")

Choose a Color: Plain Nickel

 Plain Nickel 
 Plain Brass 
 Plain Nickel/Brass 
 Candy Green 

Pack Size: One Pack ($12.99 ea)

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