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Fishing Lures or Spoons Lightning 1/2 oz Brass

Made In The USA

Lightning Spoon Made in Berthoud, Colorado, U.S.A.!
The Pot-O-Gold Lightning Spoon with its humpback striker shape creates an
erratic motion simulating a wounded fish. This odd motion will drive game fish
wild by triggering their aggressive predatory nature.
These Brass plated steel spoons come hooked and ready to go fish.

Choose a Size: 1/2 oz. (2-1/4")

1/2 oz Lightning Spoons

Choose a Finish/Style: Brass Plated/Standard Painted Colors

Brass Plated/Standard Painted Colors
Not Rated

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Lightning Spoon
1/2 oz (2-1/4'')
#4 Bronze Treble Hook
Plain Brass
per One Pack

Choose a Color: Plain Brass

 Plain Brass 
 Metallic Purple Brass 
 Flourescent Red Brass 
 Chartreuse Brass 
 Flourescent Green Brass 
 Metallic Blue Brass 
 Metallic Green Brass 
 Blue/Red Spots Brass 
 Perch Brass 

Choose A Pack Size: One Pack ($3.99 ea)

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