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Fishing Spoons Sockeye Slammers 1-3/16" Nickel

Made In The USA

Vance's Tackle Sockeye Slammer Spoon Made in Berthoud, Colorado, U.S.A.!
Our Slim Fin flutter spoons have a unique shape to achieve an aggressive action like no other
spoon on the market. Slim Fins deliver all species of Trout, Salmon, Walleye, Pike and Bass.
This larger version comes with a brass flipper blade that rattles for extra attraction.
All Slim Fins come hooked and ringed. All painted Slim Fins are UV Active!

Choose a Size: 1-3/16"

1-3/16" Sockeye Slammer Spoon

Choose a Finish Nickel Plated/Standard Painted Colors

Nickel Plated/Standard Painted Colors
Not Rated

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Sockeye Slammer
#4 Nickel Siwash Hook
per One Pack

Choose a Color: Black

 Blue Glow/Pink Glow UV 
 Cop Car UV 
 Candy Green UV 
 Fire Tiger UV 
 Green Ghost UV 
 Candy Pink UV 
 Orange Glow UV 
 Pink Glow UV 
 Purple Pirate UV 
 Candy Purple 
 Red/White Stripe UV 
 Trout UV 
 White Glow/Green Glow UV 
 Yellow Glow/Pink Glow UV 

Choose A Pack Size: One Pack ($4.79 ea)

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